Engineered Heating and Cooling (EHC) is a relatively new name in the HVAC marketplace — but one that carries with it over 25 years of experience, expertise, and trust. As a result, EHC has emerged as a leading supplier of heating and cooling systems for commercial and multi-unit residential structures. And the company’s capabilities, accomplishments — and list of satisfied customers — continues to grow.

Engineered Heating and Cooling

The story begins when EHC’s predecessor, Lowing Enterprises, opened its doors in 1978. In the years that followed, our company became a specialist in residential and commercial systems — and an established expert in design/build services for these projects. In addition to many of the original Residence Inn motels, we worked on hundreds of other projects throughout Michigan, the Midwest, the Southeast and New England. In the process, we repeatedly demonstrated our abilities to meet both owner and general contractor expectations for design assistance, getting the job done on time, and within budget.