About Us

Engineered Heating & Cooling had its beginnings in 1978 when Tom and Shirley Lowing formed Lowing Enterprises, a HVAC/R contracting company.  John Sedine was its first employee. The company worked on a wide variety of projects including, residential equipment replacement, HUD home projects, apartments buildings, commercial, and industrial.  After earning a reputation of doing quality work that was on time, in budget, and providing systems that worked as designed; developers began asking them to work on their projects outside of Michigan.  The increase in demand for apartments along with the growth in the Marriott Residence Inn chain saw the company working in many states including Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia.

photo of the engineered heating and cooling team

In 1994, John and Jim Sedine bought the company from Tom and Shirley and changed the name to Lowing Heating & Air Conditioning.  They continued to expand their capabilities and areas of expertise.  As codes and standards had a large impact on the work they did, they became very involved in code development with the International Code Council and Mechanical Inspectors Association of Michigan.  In the technical and standards arena, their membership in the Air Conditioning Contractors of America allowed them to be involved in the development of HVAC/R technical manuals and ANSI certified standards used in the industry.  This led them to be on the cutting edge of new technologies and requirements in the HVAC/R Industry.  Aaron Sedine came to work full time in 1998 after earning his mechanical engineering degree which helped the company expand its role in the design-build market.

The company had outgrown the building that it as located in and moved to a new building in Walker, Michigan.  The name was changed to Engineered Heating & Cooling (EHC) at that time to reflect the more design-build focus of the business along with its involvement in LEED, Green Building, and other new emerging HVAC/R technologies in the marketplace.  They also began to provide training to the HVAC industry on ACCA design manuals, energy and mechanical codes, and software used for mechanical design, as well as consulting services to developers and other HVAC contractors.

Engineered Heating & Cooling moved to Cedar Springs, MI in the fall of 2012 in order to escape increasing traffic problems and to be closer to its employee base.  Aaron Sedine, PE became its new owner in November of 2018.  The company outgrew that facility and built a new building 2 miles east of its old location which is larger and more functional.

While EHC has always worked in the residential market, it acquired Engelsma Heating in the Fall of 2019 to expand its footprint and provide better service to its residential customers.