Commercial Services

Engineered Heating & Cooling can meet all of your HVAC design, installation and service needs. Our years of experience allow us to offer affordable choices to meet your specific budget and building requirements. The following is a partial list of services that we can provide:

+ Air conditioning installation and service
+ Air Balance
+ Boiler Systems and replacement
+ Consulting and education for the HVAC Industry
+ Dehumidifiers
+ Ductless Mini-Split units
+ Ductwork Cleaning
+ Ductwork fabrication
+ Energy Recovery Ventilators
+ Energy Star QA Installations
+ Exhaust fans and systems
+ Furnace installation and service
+ Gas piping
+ Geothermal Heat pumps+ Heat Pumps -Air to Air
+ Humidity control systems for pools
+ Humidifiers
+ HVAC System Design and Installation
+ Hydronic Systems
+ Indoor Air Quality Improvement
+ In-floor heating
+ Make up air systems
+ Roof top units
+ Snow melt systems
+ Thermostats
+ Temperature Control Systems
+ Ventilation Systems
+ Zoning and zoning controls

Additional Services We Provide:

Consulting – Education

One only needs to read the biographies of both John and Aaron Sedine to understand the deep and breadth of their construction experience. Both have done extensive training in the industry as well. We routinely receive calls from inspectors, contractors, owners, and suppliers to help them resolve problems with both existing as well as proposed projects.

Design – Build

Design – build projects have become very popular. This type of work can speed up the build time, eliminate construction problems, manage construction budgets, and provide owners the finished project they seek.

We have over 30 years of experience in design – build HVAC systems. Our vast experience in codes and design allows us to provide help in the total building design. With a Licensed Professional Engineer on staff who is also a credentialed LEED AP, Engineered Heating & Cooling can provide all design services in house. We also certified Test & Balance personnel as well. This type of project allows us to provide the most value possible in giving owners choices in design and well as managing normal construction issues.


Engineered Heating and Cooling has a production sheet metal shop. Our shop can rapidly fabricate the sheet metal parts needed to install most duct systems. The fact that there is no delay in waiting for a subcontractor to fabricate parts give us a huge advantage in maintaining construction schedules. The ability to make specialty parts for special installations allows us to have a smaller impact on the amount of space needed to install ductwork.

Hydronic – Geothermal – Solar

Hydronic heating and cooling is nothing new to Engineered Heating and Cooling. We have been designing and installing geothermal heat pumps for over 20 years. Our experience covers all types of systems including cooling towers and chillers. We have also done literally thousands of systems that utilize the water heater for providing hot water for space heating.

Solar hot water heating is probably the way of the future as the cost of sunlight does not go up on an annual basis. While some may find it hard to believe, cooling with hot water provided by solar is fast becoming a reality.

Call us with your questions regarding installing solar hot water heating for your project or what the advantages / differences between these two types (vacuum tube and plate).

Plans & Specifications

Plans and specifications bidding has been some general contractors and construction managers preferred method of competitively bidding. The thought being it was the best way to have the work done for the least possible price. Often the bidder is not qualified or capable of doing the project. This type of bidding has lost some of its appeal and many owners now understand that it may not be, in the long view, the least expensive way to get the best job possible.

Engineered Heating and Cooling does do plans and specifications bidding on selected projects that we believe are a good fit for our experience and capabilities. Our extensive experience along with our long term employees allow us a competitive advantage in selected plan and specification bidding.